Beauty Yoga Trio Beauty

Beauty Yoga Trio Beauty

Of course, if you want to have beautiful skin like tofu, daily maintenance is of course important. For example, you can also learn the following beauty yoga with Xiaobian.

It can even help you beautify your skin, improve rough and dull skin, promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and make your skin quickly smooth.

  The gloss type is practiced for 3-5 minutes every day and stays for 5 seconds each time. The skill to complete the action is to relax and sag in the upper body!

When the movement is completed, the facial muscles and upper body should be put as far as possible, and the body will be drooped by gravity.

If beginners have poor elasticity of their legs and discs, they only need to do step 2.

  Step 1: First, open your feet at shoulder width and take a deep breath.

  Step 2: Inhale, slowly lean your upper body forward, exhale, don’t force it, just do your best, lean forward to rebuild, stay for a deep breath.

  Step 3: Friends who can bend down, grab the heels with both hands, and take a deep breath.

  Step 4: Slowly restore and adjust breathing.

  Efficacy: It can improve the facial skin powder and luster, prevent exacerbation, and have anti-wrinkle effect.

Hemodialysis of the head can improve color, prevent headaches, dizziness, insomnia, and strengthen the nerves of the brain.

  Butterfly style 1, the starting point is a stick style, the two feet are stuck together, and they are lowered outward.

Hold your feet and gently drag your heels sideways, but don’t force them.

Inhale, lift your chest, and even your spine, with your jaw slightly retracted.

Continue to gently pull your feet and press them against the floor.

  Note: Raise the top of the head upwards to keep the spine straight; do not shrug your shoulders, pull your shoulders apart and leave your ears; through repeated exercises, you can finally put the plug all the way to the floor; breathe 10 times in this position.

  2. Inhale, look up at your chest, exhale, and bend forward from your waist.

Keep your chin forward and close your feet as far as you can, but feel comfortable.

Looking up, the main shaft is squeezed forward.

  Note: look forward, don’t drop your head; try not to shrug; eventually you can put your chin on the floor.

Hold this position for 10 breaths.
  3. The reaction posture is to inhale, replace your body, relax with your knees together for a while, and then continue to practice.

  Note: Put your legs together and return to normal from the stretched state.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the body, improve faintness and dimness, and eliminate toxins from the body.

  Stick note: Need to keep 1 at each step?
For 2 minutes, perform step 2 with effort.

  Step 1: Sit on the floor, lean your legs forward, put your feet together, put your hands behind you, and lift up slightly.

  Step 2: Place your hands on both sides of your hips, tighten your thigh muscles, and keep your chest firm. Keep them still.

  Efficacy: It is beneficial to eliminate edema, promote smooth detoxification of the body, maintain physiological balance, and achieve radiance.