Chinese medicine for children with allergic cough

Chinese medicine for children with allergic cough

Although there are no severe allergies caused by the pollen sky in spring, children in the fall can not be coughed.

The child is prone to cough as soon as autumn arrives, and a cough is not over. Once he ignores or fails to treat it promptly and effectively, the condition becomes worse in minutes, and it even becomes a more difficult disease, annoying.

  Chief physician Chen Kejing, director of pediatrics at Guangdong Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that children are prone to cough in autumn, and there are many allergic coughs.

Allergic cough is a pain for parents and children due to repeated cough and torture.

Allergic cough is also called cough allergic ulcer. More than half of chronic cough is children with allergic cough.

  It is easy to be mistaken for cold bronchitis and pneumonia. Soldiers have always been frail and sick. Mothers have to pay more attention to their children’s physical condition. It is also difficult to predict. Who would think of such a cool and comfortable autumn, soldiers also had a cold and a snot.Cough together.

After tossing for a week, how do I know that the cold is small, but I do n’t let go of the cough, and Bingbing coughed for a month like this for a month, taking cough medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine did not work, although the cough was not consideredGreat, but just don’t see improvement, how can you not worry?

  Dr. Chen Kejing pointed out that Bingbing is most likely suffering from an allergic cough.

As the name suggests, allergic cough is caused by allergies, which is mostly related to the child’s allergic constitution. If they encounter a virus, bacterial infection can be induced.

  Allergic cough is a special type of hypertension. It is a more common clinical phenomenon in pediatrics. It is characterized by repeated coughs and coughs caused by colds and respiratory infections. Therefore, it is easy to be mistaken for colds and bronchitis, pneumonia,If it is treated according to the method of treating colds, tracheitis, and pneumonia, it will not only lose its efficacy, but also miss the best treatment time, so that repeated coughs will continue, and it will easily become stress due to untimely diagnosis and active treatment.

According to statistics, there are about 42 children with allergic cough.

9% of children may develop symptoms of complications due to incorrect treatment and even develop bronchial ulcers.

  Cough less during the day and short cough sooner or later For conditions similar to soldiers, Dr. Chen Kejing believes that parents should observe their children’s situation more.

Children with allergic cough often have the characteristic of repeated coughing. If they repeatedly cough for more than one month, taking some antibacterial medicines does not work well. Doctors usually have children take pictures of their lungs and listen for any wheezing sounds.If there is no wheezing sound, the situation of pneumonia and bronchitis can be basically ruled out, and it is necessary to consider whether it is an allergic cough.

  Allergic cough also has a characteristic, it usually coughs before going to bed at night, wakes up in the middle of the night and coughs, and wakes up in the morning and coughs for a short time, usually little or no cough during the day, but after exerciseOr worsened when crying, so it is easy to be unwell with whooping cough.

However, allergic children usually have a family or personal history of allergies.

If you take anti-allergic drugs, symptoms will be relieved, which is also a way to identify.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment must be corrected by children. Dr. Chen Kejing believes that children are “pure sun body”, like “sunrise and Dongsheng”. Their positive constitution is easy to get hot, easy to have fever, and convulsions. Generally, there are few cold and weak constitution.Even if it is exposed to wind and cold, it is easy to enter physiochemical fever, so there are many fevers in the disease. Therefore, more heat-clearing drugs are used, and warm drugs are less used.

  The child also suffers from “not growing well” and has “characteristics of lung deficiency, liver excess, and spleen deficiency.””” So easy to vomit and diarrhea.

From the above three physical characteristics, children should be different from adults in diagnostic medication.

  At present, the western medicine method for treating allergic cough is the same as healing. It is mainly inhaling bronchodilators, such as absorption of corticosteroids.

Although there is no “allergic cough” in Chinese medicine, there are corresponding treatments for cough and cough with allergic cough characteristics. However, symptomatic treatment is required, and the amount of medicine used by people of different constitutions varies.

  Allergic cough Chinese medicine treatment acute stage: coughing for a long time, sputum material: ephedra 5g, almond 6g, licorice 6g, Qianhu 7g, platycodon 6g, tangerine peel 6g, mulberry peel 8, asters 10g, bovine 6g, shoot dry 6g, Suzi 6g, winter flower 10g vacation period: less cough, sputum, sweat and more materials: astragalus 6g, atractylodes 6g, Yunling 10g, mulberry skin 8g, Schisandra 6g, asters 10g, winter flower 10g, raw keel 10g,10g raw oysters and 10g white oysters.