[How to make pickles?]_The correct way_How to make

[How to make pickles?]_The correct way_How to make

I believe that many friends have eaten it, and it is a preferred side dish for breakfast. However, it is true that pickles are not many. Pickles are the favorite of the people in Northeast China, especially Mongolia is a food that every family eats.

When it comes to the role of pickles, one must mention that it can alleviate the effects of motion sickness.

Today, I will take everyone to understand the pickles we do not know.

How to make pickles is best, what should you pay attention to during the process?


What is pickled vegetables? Pickled vegetables are common food in Northeast China. They are marinated with seasonings such as vegetables, edible salt, water, and soy sauce. They are salty and can be eaten raw or fried.

Most of the pickles are marinated by the residents themselves, which has a Northeast flavor. Because of its low production cost and simple marinating method, many Northeast families will use it as a family dish.

The pickles contain nitrite, so the combination of pickles is prohibitive for many people.

The nitrite content of pickled coriander was not high in the first 2 minutes of pickling, but the nitrite content peaked on the 3rd to 8th days. The content began to decrease after the 9th day and disappeared after 20 days.

Therefore, pickled pickles are generally short in 2 days, and long ones can be eaten only after one month of pickling.

In addition, because pickles have a salty taste, it is not recommended for people who have a bad stomach to eat. Heavy foods will aggravate the symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases.

Patients with hypertension and cardio-cerebral vascular disease should also pay attention to that eating too much salt is directly related to the condition, so it is not recommended to eat pickles in normal diet.

The pickling method of pickles is pickled vegetables that are mainly preserved and seasoned with salt, and can be used as a side dish or as raw materials for cooking.

There are many pickles sold on the market, but too many food additives have been added to them. After a lot of processing, the sanitary condition is really uncomfortable.

If you want healthy and delicious pickles, DIY it yourself.

Let’s find out how to pickle pickles.

1. First, clean the raw spicy vegetables, then find a small altar (pot), and put the washed raw spicy vegetables in it.

2. Put the large amount of peppercorns in the pot, then boil a pot of boiling water, pour the boiling water into the pot containing the large amount of peppercorns, reopen the peppercorns, cover a block on the pot and stay for about half an hour.

3, then pour the prepared pepper water into the jar filled with hot and spicy vegetables, then sprinkle with salt, wait for the water to cool and find something to cover it, so as not to fall, then the rest is just waiting, basicallyYou can eat after two or three months, and the longer the time, the better the taste.

Half-baked pickles are more likely to cause poisoning. Pickles contain carcinogens and extremely high lethal bacteria.

Long-term consumption brings a lot of harm to health.

Precautions for pickles pickles Some people pickle pickles always fail, not because the method is wrong, just do n’t pay attention to the pickling process. If you want to get a delicious and delicious pickle pickles, you must pay attentionThe following precautions: 1. Accurately grasp the amount of salt.

The basic standard for salting pickles is 25% of the maximum for vegetables (such as pickling 100 kg of vegetables, and the maximum amount of salt should not exceed 25 kg).(Except pickles).

2. Time of pickles.

When pickled vegetables, the lower the salt content, the higher the temperature, and the faster the nitrite rises. Generally, when pickled for 5 to 10 days, the rise of nitrate and nitrite reaches a peak, and it gradually decreases after 15 days.

Harmless in 21 days.

Therefore, pickled vegetables should generally be consumed after 20 days.

It must be remembered that half-baked pickled pickles are more likely to cause poisoning. Pickles contain carcinogens and extremely high lethal bacteria. Long-term consumption will cause a lot of harm to health.

3. Pickling temperature and place.

Winter is generally not lower than minus 5 degrees Celsius, and preferably between 2 and 3 degrees above zero.

When the temperature is too low, the pickles will deteriorate and taste.

The place to store pickles should be cool and ventilated. Except for fermented pickles, generally, the pickler must be opened at the early stage of marinating to facilitate the distribution of salty pickles.