Moisturizing measures to keep skin fresh and summery


Moisturizing measures to keep skin fresh and summery

Most MMs think that the focus of summer skin care is to whiten sunscreen and oil, and think that moisturizing is a matter of autumn and winter. In fact, moisturizing is also required in summer.

Although the air dryness in summer is not as good as that in autumn and winter, the skin dehydration is also very serious when you go in and out, so you must also do well in summer.

  Is your skin dehydrated?

  * The face is polarized severely, and the T zone is shiny, but the toes and deep skin always feel tight.

  * The skin’s resistance to sunlight has weakened, and it is very easy to sunburn, sunburn, and recover slowly.

  * The skin color is getting darker and darker, and it is very easy to darken after sun exposure.

  * The fine lines around the eyes become noticeable.

  * The original skin care products started to feel uncomfortable: it was stinging or greasy and difficult to absorb, and the benefits were greatly discounted.

  Especially when it comes to skin care, often eager to achieve success, into the misunderstanding.

  If you find yourself in any of these situations, try to find ways to improve your skin’s dryness as soon as possible.

If you leave it alone, the situation will get worse, and the skin will become dull, just like the skin of an elderly person.

  What causes water shortage?

  a) Climate: Sunlight bakes at high temperature during the day, which accelerates the capillaries under the skin to accelerate, sweat glands are also stimulated by temperature to accelerate reflexive perspiration, hair follicles are opened, and water loss is increased; ultraviolet rays are strengthened, skin immunity is reduced, and protection is slightly inappropriateIt causes irreparable damage to the dermis.

  b) Air-conditioned environment: In this environment, the moisture in the skin is as easy to consume as a drop of water in the desert.

  c) Change in temperature difference: The cool environment created by the air conditioner on the ground, indoor, and artificially leaves the skin in a cold and cold state, tired from adaptation, busy, anxious, and tired, becoming unable to retain moisture and easily sensitive.

  d) Human injury: In order to pursue the feeling of refreshing skin, products with stronger oil control functions have been replaced, and the frequency of cleansing has been increased; using oil control products, moisturizing products are considered to be greasy and avoided, so that the skin looks refreshedIn fact, in a dangerous situation of lack of water.

  Four common humidity misunderstandings on the Internet: 1. Humidity equals to washing your face. This method is feasible at first glance, but the range of humidity is wide. In addition to washing your face two or three times a day, you should drink plenty of water, eat less oily and spicy food, and cosmeticsStaying at the border should not be too long. Remove makeup in three to six hours.

  2. Spray pure water on the face to replenish the face. Tips: Although this method allows the skin to enjoy a moment of moisturizing pleasure, due to the skin surface tension, ordinary water droplets are usually spherical on the skin and are not easily absorbed., May also take away the potential moisture on the surface!

So the correct way is to moisturize the face with a spray moisturizing toner with deep hydration!

  3, answer from the outside immediately with a towel wrapped in ice cubes cold compress the face!

  Using a towel to wrap ice cubes for cold facials is only suitable for people with oily skin. It should be done after cleansing, but people with dry skin are not suitable for this practice, because oil is a moisturizer for dry skin!

  4. Use mask or fumigation the next day. For people with oily skin, peel-off mask is the first choice for moisturizing skin care!

However, if you use it every other day, it will accelerate skin aging, so it is more suitable to do it once or twice a week. Although fumigation helps the skin to restore elasticity, too much use will cause damage to delicate skin cells, soThe correct way is to do fumigation once a week in the beauty salon!

  Summer moisturizing look here. According to different skin types of MM, different moisturizing methods are proposed in summer.

  For those with oily skin, choose a moisturizing essence that does not contain oil for deep moisturizing. In combination with a refreshing lotion, moisture is not easily evaporated and stays in the body. At the same time, it will not cause a burden on oily skin.

At the same time, when replacing face wash soap, you should choose more cleansing soap that exceeds the oil content, so that your face will not become tight after washing. When using skin care products, do not choose products containing too much oil or too high oil, or too much.Various brands have actually made the situation of oil production more serious.

  If you have dry skin, in addition to replenishing moisture with a moisturizing serum, the steps of applying your face every week cannot be saved!

Also, because dry skin itself does not have much oil secretion, if you wash your face too often, it will make dryness worse. Therefore, it is best not to wash your face more than twice a day. If you must wash your face often, it is best to wash your face with water.Try to avoid using face wash.

  For mixed skin, due to local oily, acne, acne, and local dry peeling leaks, in addition to moisturizing lotion and lotion, moisturizing mask is a necessary investment.

Therefore, it is recommended that you use a moisturizing mask to apply your face at least once a week, or use a cotton pad to moisturize the lotion and directly apply it to dry areas to moisturize.

  See what beauty experts say?

  In summer, because the light is very sufficient, the radiation of ultraviolet rays and the like on the human body also increases, causing the melanin bodies in the granular layer of the skin to secrete.

The speed of melanocytes is accelerated, which can easily cause pigmentation or pigmentation.

Therefore, JMS should pay special attention to prevent excessive sun exposure, especially MM with stains.

In addition, after doing skin care in the summer, JMS uses the desquamation products to make the skin thinner and the corresponding resistance will be weaker than usual. Pay more attention to avoid exposure to the sun and work.

There is also a little bit, you can do more to add moisture to the skin in summer, and take care of the skin comprehensively. Do not do too much to avoid damaging the skin.

  The first category: care about the “ultraviolet rays”. As soon as summer arrives, I travel around outdoors every day, and I get sun-drenched skin with flecks, peeling, and even sensitive redness. I use sunscreen and oil-control lotion to prevent skin peeling.Seriously, how can this be good?

  Skin care countermeasures To prevent JMMs who have been working outdoors for a long time to avoid going out from 10 am to 2 pm in “dangerous moments” seems unrealistic.then what should we do?

You can’t just watch your skin “injured”.

So in the future, we must do solid work!

  Use a high-hydration essence with seaweed extract to replenish the mask every two days to enhance skin nutrition and elongation, such as the VAQUA hot spring water bright and clear mask; after conditioning, use conditioning water to balance skin water and oil secretion, then useOil-free moisturizing products, such Clinique body lotions; 一定 must use sunscreen products, auxiliary tools such as sun umbrellas and hats; in the selection of sunscreen products, be sure to choose products containing both SPF value and PA value, SPF sun protection, PA sun protection black.

  After-sun skin care is mainly based on moisturizing creams and hydrating masks. Anti-allergic lotions or essences for oily and sensitive skins are best combined with hydrating masks. This is the product of Avene, Swiss Spring.

  The sun protection factor is 20 minutes for each value, so the SPF15 sun protection products can keep from being sunburned and tanned for 300 minutes.

  The second category: rehydrating first and then moisturizing are the key points. In summer, when you stay in an air-conditioned room every day, the skin becomes dry and fine lines gradually climb to the corners of the eyes, and endless acne is more likely to hurt your heart.

  Skin care countermeasures Prepare a bottle containing a high moisturizing factor spray, which is easy to replenish the skin and increase the amount of skin at any time.

Immediately after spraying, it should be dried to prevent the water from evaporating and taking away your own moisture, such as VAQUA spring water spray, which can quickly replenish, and sometimes it feels that the skin is full of water for a day;Anti-inflammatory and sterilization, such as Biotherm Cleansing Balm Toner, it feels refreshing after use; Then use a little water to moisturize the milk to lock the moisture, a little on the fingers, gently pat on the skin, you can also use this method for makeup,For example, the Swiss thermal lock water essence cream, the skin is very smooth after use, even longer.
Keep the moist feeling; if your eyes feel dry, buy a gel-like eye cream. Use this method to pat around your eyes to add moisture without losing your makeup, just like Ulta Gel Des Yeux.

  In addition to moisturizing skin, non-oily moisturizing products are recommended.

  Tips After finishing the “face” skin care homework, the maintenance of internal adjustment is also very important: drink chrysanthemum tea or green tea, about 2500 ml daily, while clearing the lungs and cooling blood, make the blood in the body weakly alkaline; breakfast with half an appleEat a tomato for dinner or lunch. Because apples are rich in vitamins, the red solanine in tomatoes can also help acne, anti-ultraviolet rays and computer radiation; 粗 eat coarse grains 3 days a week to ensure sufficient crude fiber removalEnterotoxin; Put a small plant of cactus next to the computer to help absorb radiation and reduce acne and skin irritation.

  The third category: choose the right skin care products Now many JMS like to pursue fashion, trendy clothing and various color makeup.

As soon as there are any new skincare products in the magazine, as soon as a friend introduces a good product, I immediately buy it. I ca n’t wait to treat my face as a test field.

As a result, seedlings, small erythema, blackheads, and enlarged pores began to appear.

  Skin care countermeasures The advertising of modern skin care products is overwhelming. Everyone really doesn’t know that it is better to choose a certain brand.

In fact, as long as you can “center your mind”, you will not be covered by the “smog smoke” in these advertisements.

“Centering” means to first understand your skin, understand your life, eating habits, and then choose a skin care product that is truly suitable for you according to the change of the season. Only the one that suits you is the best.

  Sooner or later clean the skin with a mildly acidic cleansing product, and then use conditioning water to help the skin hydrate and anti-inflammatory and calm. Vichy’s oily set of conditioning water effectively replenishes moisture, detoxifies and detoxifies. After conditioning the water, use whitening essence to help lighten the spots, Swiss Boiling Spring Whitening Essence effectively controls pigmentation, restores pigmentation spots, and makes skin fair and elastic; If makeup is needed, use foundation after moisturizing with a few clicks, do not use liquid foundation; 一定 must use makeup remover every nightOil helps to clean and remove makeup. Don’t let cosmetics make up pores and cause acne problems.

  Tips For problematic skin, it is best to solve the existing skin problems first, and then choose a suitable skin care product.

Do not use cotton pads and toners on sensitive skin, and pat them manually.

  Women aged 30 to 40 pay equal attention to hydration and hydration.

With the increase of age, the cycle of skin metabolism renewal will also prolong, and the ability of collagen synthesis to weaken, so hydration becomes a “medium”, allowing nutrients to enter the skin through it for repair.

  Moisturizing TIPS 1 in summer, do not neglect when going out, remember to put on UV-resistant lotion, sunscreen before going out.

  At present, many of the daytime lotions and nutritional creams on the market have both anti-ultraviolet and moisturizing effects for dry skin. If used properly, drying problems or UV damage can be prevented well.

  2. Take spray mineral water with you to replenish facial skin moisture.

The most important thing is not to forget to put on a lotion with high moisturizing ability. No matter what method is used to prevent the skin from dispersing, just remember the moisturizing effect and practical maintenance.

  3. Make a moisturizing mask for your skin after going home. Now major brands have launched moisturizing masks. MM must choose the one that suits your skin to buy it!