Eat, drink, order, press eliminate edema

Eat, drink, order, press “eliminate” edema

After a few days of insomnia edema, foreign guests will come to the unit to visit, Xiao He was selected by the boss as the department’s reception representative.
Because of nervousness, she lost sleep.
Half dream and half awake, stumbled, and slept very hard.
Waking up in the morning, the face was really terrible, dark circles and bags under the eyes, the whole swelling, as if a few years old.
  Differentiation: The mind is the place where the qi and blood of the viscera, collaterals and meridians gather, and the head is the part that regulates the qi and blood of the whole body.
Insomnia can cause ischemia and hypoxia in the head, impaired blood circulation, and impeded blood circulation, which can cause edema.
  Eat: The diet should be based on light and nourishing, such as lily, lotus seeds, yam, and can often be served with porridge such as japonica, glutinous rice and barley rice.
  Drink: Drinking Coix Seed Rice Water can relieve edema and soothe the nerves, as well as whitening effect.
  Point: Sitting position, using both middle fingers to overlap, hold Tanzhong acupoint (the front midline is equal to the four intercostal space), exhale and count 1, 2 and gradually press hard, press the acupoint at 3, inhale and count 4, 5, 6, the body is relaxed.
  Press: Sitting position, hold the left head with your left hand, hold the Fengchi acupoint with your right thumb, and gently push your head with your left hand to tilt and exhale to the right and count 1, 2 and gradually press hard.Count 4, 5, 6 and relax your body, returning your head to its original position.
  Eyelid edema in the morning. Recently, Xiaolian found that when she wakes up in the morning, her eyes are always swollen, and her eyelids are swollen, which is unbearable.
Sometimes this state lasts all day, not to mention the pain.
The eyes are swollen, and the head is naturally dizzy. People are in chaos all day.
  Differentiation: Eyelids are often edema, usually a manifestation of slight kidney deficiency. In addition, during sleep, blood flows slowly and the water and fluid are unevenly distributed. It is easy to run to the eyes with loose tissues, which causes eyelid edema.
  Eat: sesame, peanuts, soybeans, carrots, chicken liver, etc.
  To drink: chop calla lotus root into a juicer and add two cups of water to squeeze.
Drink the calla water, and apply the remaining residue for 10 minutes before going to bed.
  Point: Put the thumb and forefinger on the inner side of the eyes (ie, the position of the eye), apply a little pressure, and gently massage for about 3 minutes, then press the temple with your fingers for about 3 minutes.
  Press: After the egg is cooked, remove the shell, wrap it with a towel, close your eyes and massage around the eye with the egg to speed up blood circulation.
Be careful though, I’m afraid you can’t eat any more eggs.
  High temperature edema Xiao Xiaotao found that as soon as the summer is hot, he will “get fat”. Others say that summer is a good time to lose weight, but he can’t reduce it.
She has been like this since she was young. Maybe the sweat glands are not developed. When she goes to the sauna, she also needs to steam for a long time. She can sweat and it is a bit swollen after steaming.
  Differentiation: born with yang deficiency, and the water is not excreted smoothly. In summer or high temperature, the water is steamed by heat and should be discharged outward. If the sweat holes are not smooth, the water is easily retained and the hair is edema.
  Eat: Eat more ginger, shallot, garlic, burdock, yam, pumpkin, carrot, cherry, etc. to promote blood circulation and supplement yang.
  Drink: Even in the hot summer, it is best to drink warm boiled water, which can warm Yang Lishui.
  Point: Use your index finger to lightly press the Sanyinjiao Point (Sanyinjiao Point is about 8cm straight on the tip of the medial malleolus), and then press it with your middle finger against the acupoint to facilitate exertion.
This method can remove excess water, and also has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney.
  Press: Put your fingers together and stretch them naturally. Place one palm on the back of the other palm, with your right hand down and your left hand up.
The lower palm and fingers are flat against the abdomen, pushing forward strongly, and then pressing back strongly on the upper palm, pushing back once, moving slowly from top to bottom.
  Traveling edema, wearing high heels to go shopping, her body is beautiful, and the pain under her feet is only known to her.
Barely supported home, take off your shoes and take a look-oh my god!
A few blisters on the toes are not counted, and the foot surface to the ankle are swollen.
  Differentiation: When walking, the foot supports the weight of the entire body, presses the blood on the foot, making the blood and blood run poorly, and the water in the body is retained to become edema.
  Eat: Bananas contain more potassium, which helps eliminate edema.
In addition, potatoes, oranges, beans, etc. are all good choices.
  Drink: Drink a large glass of soy milk after waking up. After going to the toilet several times, the edema subsides naturally.
  Point: stimulate the Fenglong acupoint of the leg (8 inches above the lateral malleolus), and the skin will naturally turn red after about 1 minute.
This is a sign of good blood circulation and strong metabolism, so the degree of stimulation should be based on this.  Press: Press or push or pat, massage each part of the instep, sole and toes.

Putting your feet high while you sleep will make blood flow back to your heart and help eliminate edema.