Health and safety issues in children’s rooms

Health and safety issues in children’s rooms

Children are the main body of children’s room. Children’s room is closely related to children’s health, safety, and intelligence, and cannot be ignored.

  Health is the basic focus of children’s room development.

There will be an increasing focus on buying and using ergonomic and hygienic children’s products.

  1. Mattresses should pay attention to designing children’s mattresses with a stiff structure, or simply use hard boards and quilts, because during the development of children, using too soft spring mattresses too early will cause children’s spine to deform.At the same time, it is recommended not to replace 50 to 100 mm thick sponge pads, otherwise children’s sweat and urine will accumulate in the sponge pads and will not volatilize, which will cause children to be prone to cripples, sores, and areas in the air.May cause rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic heart disease.

In addition, bedding and bedding should be made of natural materials.

  2. Writing desks and chairs At present, only a small number of families have bought adjustable writing desks and chairs for children. Most families use children’s writing desks and chairs, or take dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, etc. as writing desks.This is extremely detrimental to the health of children during their growth and development. It is the cause of children with spinal curvature, “thorax-containing”, and myopia.

  3, decoration children’s room decoration strives to be simple, bright, the activity space must be better.

In order to improve the air convection in the room, some green plants should be appropriately added in the room.

  4, The correct replacement of lamps and light sources is very important for children’s vision health. For example, incandescent lamps close to natural light, yellow fluorescent lamps are better than silver fluorescent lamps, lamps with adjustable brightness are better than lamps with non-adjustable brightness, and can be adjusted in height.Angled lights are better than non-adjustable lights.

  5, paint attention to remove dust-free, non-toxic interior wall coatings and furniture paint, try to eliminate or reduce the furniture production and decoration paint, harmful odors released by wood-based panels.

It is recommended to live one month after the renovation.

  Safety is the focus of children’s rooms, and it is also an issue of increasing concern to society as a whole.

  1. In order to prevent children from swallowing accidents, the size of decorative parts in furniture, ornaments and toys should not be designed too small and easy to replace.

Recently, a 5-year-old child in Europe put a ball-shaped fitting with a diameter of 37 mm in his mouth, and got stuck in his throat and choked to death.

It is reported that this incident has caused Hong Kong IKEA furniture company to decide to recycle this toy ring worldwide.

  2. Protective settings on folding tables, chairs or sports equipment can avoid handling, pinch injuries or even death accidents during collisions.

  3, the computer, the opening socket must have relevant protective measures.

  4, children’s beds are best designed with guardrails to prevent children from falling off the bed and causing brain or physical injury.

Parents can also place carpet-like soft protective material around the bed.

  5. During furniture and decoration, care should be taken to avoid parts or structures with edges and corners to prevent children from being injured or injured when playing.