Find the difference: 8 pure plant fine pore products are insufficient


Find the difference: 8 pure plant fine pore products are insufficient

The major porecare products of major skin care brands have sprung up on the Internet, which has caused many netizens to shake their glasses because they each say that they are good.

What are the good and bad of these brands of fine pore products?

Let us reveal it together.


hzh {display: none; }  调查第一站:  娇韵诗收缩毛孔莲花油 40ML 266元  适合肤质:混合性及油性  成 份:天然浓缩植物油榛核果油  功 效:收敛毛孔并平衡油脂分泌,滋养防止水分流失。Oil is used to suppress pores, which is usually a way of clogging. When you wake up the next day, you will find that the skin is really good and feels smooth and smooth.

  Disadvantages: 1.

T zone oil control effect is low; 2.

价格偏高调查第二站:自由呼吸FREEDAY皮肤细致毛孔爽肤水120ML 68元适合肤质:痘痘,油性肤质成分:法国香柠檬,天竺葵精油,月桂萃取物,绿藻萃取液,沉淀蛋白功 效:1.

Breakthrough patented technology for remedies for oily skin.

The French bergamot lemon, which contains precious natural plant ingredients, has a good balance of oil and fat function, and during the metabolism process, penetrates from the skin surface to the pores to rupture, softens the cutin and deep cleans to reduce pores, and finally achieves a comprehensive and effective fine pores; 2.

Improved the pores caused by acne and other reasons, so that the skin is deeply hydrated and constantly renewed, and the acne marks are lightened, and the skin surface is more delicate and smooth.

  Disadvantages: A few netizens said that the only disadvantage is that the blocking nozzle will press a lot of investigations because of carelessness. Third stop: Magnolia Oil Pore Refining Skin Care Essence Cream 30g 125 yuan suitable for skin type: various skin ingredients: vitamin moisturizing combination andHerbal Essence: It can effectively narrow the pores and provide the skin with the required moisture to achieve a water-oil balance, keeping the skin smooth and firm, and flawless.

  Disadvantages: Slight tingling after using water after investigation. The fourth stop: The Face shop Pore Refining Toner 130ML 38 yuan suitable for skin type: oily ingredients: pure plant and fruit essence. Efficacy: effective sebum management.Oily skin is completely shaped, fine pores and control clogging of the cleaning cloth in the pores, and the pearl powder contained in it can continue to moisturize.

  Disadvantages: the effect of shrinking pores is slow, making some MMs impatient