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Eye Star Care Function Eye Mask Recommended

At the end of the festival gathering, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve parties and other endless shows, staying up late or heavy eye makeup, plus the dry weather in winter, are a test for the skin around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is delicate and tender. It is easy to produce dark circles, pouches and puffiness due to improper maintenance, making the eyes look lifeless.

Xiaobian’s countermeasure is: use eye mask!

  Eye mask has attracted much attention since its introduction to the market, and its efficacy has also been greatly affirmed. In addition to daily and regular use of eye mask, it can replenish moisture around the eye skin and fight off fine fine lines caused by dryness.You are a family of night owls who like to stay up all night and want to quickly regain their eyes before dating, as well as “quick-effect” eye masks that instantly fight off puffiness and dark circles!

In the dry winter, you can’t wear a pair of eye masks.

However, before choosing an eye mask that suits you, let’s take a closer look at the eye mask!

  The type of eye mask is the same as the facial mask, and it is divided into two types: wash and face wash. In fact, the effect is not much different, you can choose according to your preference.

However, most eye masks are for the lower eyelid, so if you want to maintain the upper eyelid, you can choose a washable eye mask.

  Eye Mask Effects Normal eye masks have hydrating effects, but not all are anti-aging.

If you are very young, just to prevent fine lines caused by dryness, you can choose a hydrating eye mask, which is generally more suitable. If you have anti-aging needs around your eyes, you need to choose an eye mask with firming and lifting effects.Can help you clear the traces of years; and in order to meet the needs of urban women’s fast-paced life, a large number of “quick-effect” eye masks have recently appeared, similar to the favorite name of crystal clear and non-marking bio fiber eye mask and YSL brightening eye mask,They are all word-of-mouth products in similar products, which can quickly improve blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate puffiness and dark circles.

  Eye film material Generally, the eye film is made of non-woven material. Shu Uemura’s maintenance and moisturizing eye film enters the silk and pulp, making the paper film more silky and sticky; and the newly launched eye name of the pet name uses transparent biological fibers.Material (transparent silicone), better stretchability, can better fit the skin around the eyes.

  Featured 6 word-of-mouth eye masks, whether it is to hydrate the eye area or tighten up, or want to instantly brighten before dating, all included, invincible discharge big eyes, it’s that simple!

  1. The preferred choice for night cats: the name of pets, crystal bright and non-marking bio-fiber eye mask Reference price: RMB 295/4 for product introduction: the name of pets, the first to introduce the most intensive bio-fiber mask, officially launched the crystal-free, non-marking bio-fiber eye maskDesigned for the skin around the eyes, including patents from world-renowned pharmaceutical companies and anti-aging plant hormones, the essence is effectively introduced into the skin, and it will be used immediately after staying up late or before attending parties. The effect is immediately obvious.

  Expert comment: There are three layers of eye masks. Take out the flexible and transparent biofiber eye masks in the middle.

The side of the focal point (the side that is in contact with the translucent paper film) is affixed under the eyes in an arc. The transparent gel sheet fits the skin very well, and the effect of quickly brightening the skin around the eyes is obvious!

  2. Preferred for puffy eyes: Clarins Eye Repair Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 340 / 30ml Product Introduction: Quickly eliminate tiredness and increase fatigue (puffiness, dark circles, fine lines).

Abundant lotion moisture can improve plant extracts and relax and decongest.

  Daren comment: It is the best eye cream that I have used so far. Actually, I use it as a thinner if I apply it thinner?
Much better than ordinary eye cream?
The fine lines under the eyes are clear.

give it a like!

  3, dark circles first choice: Shu Uemura Deep Sea Conservation Moisturizing Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 420 / 4ml × 8 Product Introduction: Blended with artificial silk into pulp, it is extremely smooth and comfortable, perfectly fits the skin.

Gives skin around the eyes a deep moisturizing, lasting filling and moisturizing, significantly activates the microcirculation around the eyes, lightens dark circles, and reduces puffiness.

  Expert comment: This eye mask feels very moist, and the moisturizing effect of this eye mask is really good.

After taking it off, I did basic eye care.

The next day, I found that the dark circles were almost invisible, and it felt very moist, so I recommend it to everyone, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue and moisturize the eye skin.

  4. Preferred for reducing wrinkles: FANCL Water-Moisturizing Essence Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 120 / box 1 box 3 packs, 2 pieces per pack Product Brief: FANCL “Water-Moisturizing Essence Eye Mask” is designed for fragile eye skinThe design can not only replenish a large amount of moisture, but also know how to lock it securely. After use, the eye skin is instantly hydrated, silky, and long-term moisturizing, which can effectively smooth out dry lines and fine lines caused by tiredness and dryness.

  Expert comment: 4 parts of water and 1 part of oil are the ideal ratio to rebuild the water and oil balance for the eye skin. The hydration effect is very good. Immediately after use, the eye skin is tender and tender, and the fine lines are not clear.It’s getting bigger!

  5, firming first choice: H2O Shuizhiao Collagen Firming Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 320/6 tablets Product Introduction: Each piece of H2O Collagen Firming Eye Mask is first moisturized with collagen essence and plant essence.

Improve dark circles and puffiness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rebuild the skin’s fibrous tissue, and improve elasticity.

Effectively repels dry and dry lines.

Restores firmness around the eyes

Continues to moisturize the skin around the eyes, and provides beauty nutrition, so that the skin around the eyes is restored to fullness and luster.

  Daren comment: After use, it can quickly improve the skin’s dehydration, dryness, dark circles and puffiness, and its size is refreshing. It has obvious effects after using it once. The eye mask is widened and can cover two seconds.It can more effectively repair the skin around the eyes, so that the eye skin can reappear in real time. It has dark circles, puffiness and dry lines.

  6. Whitening first choice: IPSA Whitening Soothing Eye Mask Reference Price: RMB 280/8 Pair Product Introduction: Contains gel-like whitening with eye absorption; skin-whitening ingredients, a unique C-shaped design completely covers the eye area, and locks the whitening ingredientsOn the inside of the eye skin.

Contains Vitamin C inducer-2G, E inducer.

In the form of a sealed gel, the whitening ingredients moisturize the skin around the eyes, moisturizing and improving fine lines.

  Expert comment: The eye mask is very large, even the position of the cheekbones can be applied!
At the same time as whitening the eyes, I even whitened my cheeks. It was really white when it was just peeled off. As long as you stick it, it will be effective!