[Erotic and erotic are so different]

[Erotic “and” erotic “are so different]

The “pornographic culture” between husband and wife belongs to the two-person world, so it has nothing to do with fragility and inferiority. Instead, it is very interesting, and can often radiate a charming “sexual fragrance.

First of all, you have to explain. This is not about “pornography”. The word order is different, and the connotation often changes. The intention is that “sensibility” is different from “sexy” itself.

Husband and wife are the only legitimate partners.

But after a long period of time, this “sex” may become a routine “business affairs” or “obligation”, and some husbands and wives have obliged to do “the thing” on a certain day of each cycle, which may destroy”Sex” psychedelic color.

In addition to work, life, children and other topics between husbands and wives, there is also a content related to sex and affection. This is the “erotic culture”.

It may be a joke, game, flirt, even coquettishness, pique, etc. between husband and wife.

And these “internal reference” behaviors, if implemented on humans, may be a form of sexual harassment, or even hooliganism.

Another point is that they may be different from other popular behaviors. Sometimes, some “lingo” can only be understood by the two of them, and it will produce a warm and sweet complicity.

If a couple likes to alias their lover’s private place, the husband jokes his wife’s private place as “Oscar”, and his wife mischievously calls her husband’s place “cadre”.

“Erotic culture” between husband and wife, although not all related to the theme of sex, but because they are only inherited from the intimate world of two people, it will not cause filth and indecent, but it is very interesting and exudes a kind of obsessionErotic fragrance. ”