[Fennel is back to milk or lactating]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Fennel is back to milk or lactating]_Pregnancy_Impact

Maternal women are always worried about how the food they implanted will harm the body. In this case, they will be very worried. Even cumin food will be improved. It is not easy to know that cumin has the effect of returning milk.It is still the effect of feeding milk. In fact, this food has the effect of returning milk, so if female friends who are still breastfeeding are placed on the ground, do not take this food, otherwise it will completely affect the secretion of milk.

Does fennel return to milk?

Fennel is back-to-milk. Do not eat it if the mother is still breastfeeding her baby.

Fennel is a kind of vegetable food. It contains the nutritional components needed by the human body, because the food has the value that the body needs is that it will be displayed in various forms. Fennel is a food that will cause milk back after consumption.
, So it is recommended to be careful when eating.

However, it is undeniable that the nutritional value of fennel is still very high. It can not only help people to supplement the vitamin content needed by the body, but also use it to make more nutritious food such as dumpling stuffing. Edible vegetable dumplings are very helpfulOur digestive system.

In addition to eating, there are these common milk-returning foods: barley tea, hawthorn, leek, bitter gourd, etc., but the specific milk-returning effect may vary from person to person, some mothers may perform well, and some mothers may consume it.No obvious effect after.

Can I eat fennel during lactation?

Fennel, also known as fennel, cumin, is a vegetable food. It has unique characteristics and properties, and also contains some of the nutritional values needed by the human body.

For lactating mothers, the nutrition of food is very important, because the key is to absorb the nutrition of the child.

Can the mother eat fennel during breastfeeding?

The diet of lactating mothers should be nutritious. Chickens, ducks, fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables can be eaten with confidence, but what you need to pay attention to is how to cook food.

At the same time, try to eat less or do not eat hot foods, such as garlic, leek, fennel, etc. These foods get angry, cause heat in the mother’s body, and affect the baby for a long time.

Therefore, fennel cannot be eaten during lactation, because it is a hot and dry food. Consumption by lactating mothers can cause heat in the mother’s body, and boots affect the baby’s health.