Measure who your first love will be

Measure who your first love will be

Suppose there is a new poker, in addition to the original patterns of hearts, squares, spades and grass flowers, if you have the opportunity to determine the pattern of this pattern, at first glance, you will chooseWhich of the following patterns is used to make this fifth pattern?


Moon shape B.

Chess shape C.

Hollow circle D.

Funnel shape ● Answer analysis choice A: What makes you love at first sight is a person who is full of longing for the future. When you talk about your ideals and wishes for the future, you are always attracted by the other person’s dream, but you must be careful.In this realistic society, it is useless to rely on your dreams and refuse to work hard. The person who fascinates you may not be able to bring you happiness!

  Option B: You will be attracted by people who are flexible and always better than others when they do things. If you are a male, your target will be those career women who are older than you. If you are female,Then he will be a social elite or a professional, but you must remember to distinguish between what they say, what is true, and which is a lie.

  Choice C: Your love at first sight is always superficial, and you ca n’t resist those who are well-dressed. Even if you feel that the two parties have different personalities after getting along with each other, as long as the other is dressed charmingly, you are still waiting for them. HonestlyYou have a vanity for beauty.

  Choice D: You do n’t believe in love at first sight, even if you have people who are close to you, you will only wait and see and wait until both parties understand clearly before making a decision. Although this will reduce a lot of romance, it will often get